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Yukari Takemi, R.D., Ph.D.
Nutrition Ecology
Outline of Research Activities

The main themes in Dr. Takemi’s research concern the development and evaluation of community-based nutrition education and promotion programs, with a particular focus on creating supportive and healthful food environments.
Dr. Takemi has been the principal investigator on a quasi-experimental intervention trial of the integrated program of nutrition education and creating a healthier food environment in Setagaya Ward in Tokyo. The main targets of the educational program were school children and their parents. Community residents, including shop owners near schools, were also involved in the program to support their learning activities. Significant changes in children’s dietary behavior and food consumption were observed after the intervention.
Dr. Takemi is also the principal investigator in several intervention trials of nutrition education programs using the Japanese Food Guide Spinning Top as a primary educational material. The Japanese Food Guide Spinning Top was developed as a tool for the population approach by the MHLW and MAFF in 2005. Dr. Takemi has also served as a member of the National Development Committee.

Recent Publications

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