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Yoshinori Kaneko, Ph.D.
Applied Physical Exercise
Outline of Research Activities

Summary of Research:

The super-aging society, it is important to maintain physical strength. "Flexibility," "strength," "Endurance" are the most important to maintain in there. Study of an exercise aimed at maintaining or improving these three elements has been the development of physical exercise methodology and equipment. Utilization activities of them have done to spread in Japan and overseas. Public park as Health promotion facilities and we have research fields in Southeast Asia park where have been actively exercise in the park.

Recent Publications

List of Publication in the recent 5 years:

Hasegawa, C.,Kaneko,Y.,Mariko,Y., :Study on Inventing an Original Exercise by Applying a Regional Dance,Looking for a possibility of “SAKADO YOSAKOI-EXERCISE, Journal of Gymnastics for All , 7 , 1-12 (2010)

Hasegawa,C.,Kaneko,Y., Mariko,Y.,: Study on the Reality of the Number of Steps Taken Daily by Female Student J-Women's University, In Relation to fitness Enhancement Exercise Course ,Journal of Gymnastics for All , 6 , 19-24 (2009)

Kaneko,Y., Mariko,Y., Hasegawa,C.,: Study on Development of Sporting Equipment for Health Promotion, Development of original gymnastic exercise applicable to dietary education , Journal of Gymnastics for All , 6 ,10-18 (2009)

Komatsu, F., Kagawa, Y., Kaneko, Y., et al.: Dietary Habits of Mongolian People, and Their Influence on Lifestyle-Related Diseases and Early Aging. Current Aging Science, 1(2), 84-100 (2008)

Yoshinori KANEKO, Yoshika MARIKO, Chisato HASEGAWA et al.: Studies on the Public park use as health promotion facilities, Journal of Gymnastics for All , 4 ,3(2007)

Komatsu, F., Kagawa, Y., Kaneko, Y., et al.: Investigation of oxidative stress and dietary habits in Mongolian people, compared to Japanese people. Nutr. Metab., 3, 21 (2006)

Research report

Saori Arita,Hiroshi Kunieda,Yoshinori Kaneko,Yasuko Morikawa,Yoshiaki Mitani, and Yuri Maekawa: "The factor of success" of health promotion plan, Meiji Yasuda Life Foundation of Health and Welfare, Journal of Research Grant, "Health Medicine" 21, 1-10 (2006)

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