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Wakae Fujimaki, M.D., Ph.D.
Human Medical Science
Outline of Research Activities

The goal of research in our laboratory is to clarify the biology of leukocytes of new born, especially fundamental mechanisms involved in infection and allergy of infants, to develop innovative approaches to prevention, diagnosis and therapy of these conditions.
We have examined the process involved in post-thymic maturation of CD4+ T cells by investigating the antigen-reactivity of CD4+ T cells from infantile thymic cells, cord blood and adult peripheral blood. We found that antigen-reactivity of conventional CD4+ T cells from cord blood was immature. On the other hand, polarizing activity to T-helper type 1 or type 2 cells was superior in cord blood CD4+ T cells. The suppressive function of regulatory T cells from cord blood was very weak, but subsequent expansion of the cell population resulted in the restoration of its suppressive activity. These findings partly explain the difference of infantile immune reactivity from that of adults.
We are now investigating how these features of cord blood effect on infectious diseases or food allergy in childhood.

Recent Publications


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