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Terue Kawabata, R.D., Ph.D.
Basic Nutrition
Outline of Research Activities

The human body has an absolute requirement for polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) of both the n-6 and n-3 series. Our laboratory has focused on the effect of dietary PUFA on the several functions of human body.
Our current investigations are as follows: the assessment of the quality and quantity of dietary PUFA; the incorporation of dietary PUFA into phospholipids of plasma and erythrocytes; and the appropriate lipid nutrition for the preventions of life-related diseases.

Recent Publications

List of original papers written for recent years.

Terue Kawabata, Sachiko Shigemitsu, Naoko Adachi, Chie Hagiwara, Shigeji Miyagi, Sumie Shinjo, Takenori Maruyama, and Michihiro Sugano.
Intake of Trans Fatty Acid in Japanese University Students. J. Nutr. Sci. Vitaminol. (in press)

Fumio Komatsu, Yasuo Kagawa, Kiyomi Ishiguro, Terue Kawabata, Baatar Purvee, Jugder Otgon and Ulziiburen Chimedregzen.
The association of very high hair manganese accumulation and high oxidative stress in Mongolian people. Current Aging Sci., 2: 28-42, 2009.

Terue Kawabata, Hiroka Hyogo, Chie Hagiwara, Satoko Matsuzaki and Sumie Shinjo.
Intake of trans fatty acids estimated by direct dietary measurement in young women. J Jpn Soc Nutr Food Sci., 61: 161-168, 2008 (in Japanese)

Fumio Komatsu, Yasuo Kagawa, Terue Kawabata, Yoshinori Kaneko, Baatar Purvee, Jugder Otgon and Ulziiburen Chimedregzen.
Dietary habits of Mongolian people, and their influence on lifestyle-related diseases and early aging. Current Aging Sci., 1: 84-100, 2008.

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