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Rie Imoto, Ph.D.
Study of Education for Sustainable Development on Dietary Life
Outline of Research Activities

Prof. Imoto has been conducting researches on environmental education in home economics. She has been working in the development of food literacy curriculum with a particular focus on the energy issues in environment. And She is the author of some of the key research on international comparisons of environmental education.

She received Masters of Arts from Michigan State University in 1983, and received Ph.D. from Tokyo Gakugei University in 2001.

Current research include:
-ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) in home economics and related areas
-Curriculum development in home economics
-International comparisons of environmental education
-The contribution of local projects in promoting environmental behaviors
-Food Banks and welfare policies

Recent Publications

[Academic Articles]

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Hamayeli Mehrabani, M., Imoto, R. Comparative Study of Environmental Education in Elementary Schools between Iran and Japan: Based on Contents and Process in Textbooks. Reports of Environments Research Laboratory, 3, 67-76. 2009.

Imoto R. Education for Sustainable Consumption in Home Economics in Japan: Focus on Energy Study. E-book Global Sustainable Development: A Challenge for Consumer Citizens. 2008.


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Imoto R. "Energy Environmental Education in Home Economics." Lesson Plans for Energy Environmental Education - for Junior High School, Kokudosha, Tokyo. 184-195. 2010. (in Japanese)

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