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Nobuko Endo, NS, Ph.D.
Health Promotion and Nursing
Outline of Research Activities

Yogo-teacher is professional which perform children's health care administration and health education, and are an occupation unique to Japan.
Yogo-teacher is similar to school nurse and school health teacher, but it is different from these because it does not have an original judgment system or technical term.
The purposes of research are development of Yogo-diagnosis, and promotion of use.
As research for that,
1) Research on the necessity for Yogo-diagnostic development
2) Research which explores the method of Yogo-diagnostic development
3) Construction of Yogo-diagnostic development system
4) Research on evidence -based health assessment and the intervention method
5) Research on a child's health issue

Recent Publications

Major academic achievements:
Original paper

Research on Method of Yogo Diagnosis Development, and Yogo Diagnosis Development System: Nobuko,E, Tomiko M, ,Kumiko,O, Journal of Japanese Association Health Consultation Activities, 4,47-65(2009)

Reviews and Articles

Expectation for health consultation activity construction: Nobuko,E ,Journal of Japanese Association Health Consultation Activities, 2(1),85-87(2007)

Research on the Yogo diagnostic development system for health consultation activities: Nobuko E, Tomiko M, Toshikou, H, Mental Health Okamoto Commemoration foundation Report,18.11-15(2007)


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