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Masako Kobayashi, Ph.D.
Human Growth and Health Sciences
Outline of Research Activities

Research on human growth and development is very important for the discussion of health problems. In particular, the development of growth rhythms such as diurnal variation, weekly variation, seasonal variation, and autoregressive (AR) processes in height and weight, and other indicators at various stages in the living body are strongly related to human health. We are investigating these rhythms by a longitudinal study using a time-series analysis. Using such basic research, we are discussing health promotion and disease prevention related to obesity and thinness throughout life.

Recent Publications

Major academic achievements:

Masako Kobayashi, Ayako Fukuda. The development of "growth chart software", and the utilization of this at school to oversee the health status of children (in Japanese). J. of Japanese Association for Human Auxology; 16(1):31-37, 2010.

Emiri Ishihara, Masako Kobayashi. Relation between Obesity and Life Style in Primary School Children -Comparison of a School Attendance Period and the Summer Holiday-(in Japanese). J. of Japanese Association of Health Consultation Activety; 5: 66-76, 2010.

Okamoto E, Hata E, Kobayashi M, and Hayashi K.: Age-Period-Cohort Analysis of Asthma Prevalence among School Children. Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine; 12(3): 119-128, 2007.

Masako Kobayashi, Rui Yamaguchi, Noriko Mukaida: Development of growth rhythms in two normal infants from birth to 6 years. Proceedings of the XI International Congress of Auxology, Tokyo ; 141, 2007.

Masako Kobayashi, Maiko Kobayashi. The relationship between obesity and seasonal variation in body weight among elementary school children in Tokyo. Economics and Human Biology; 4(2): 237-252, 2006.

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