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Kazuhiko Yamada, Ph.D.
Outline of Research Activities

We are studying the digestion, absorption and fermentation of dietary carbohydrates in the gut, in according to the biochemical and nutritional viewpoints as a basis. The gut is the organ which takes a food and discharges a residual, with the situation in which, a high molecular compound of meal origin is digested and absorbed while resolving an order into low molecular. At the same time, it is also the organ which touches an external environment widely in the bowels of the body. We are focusing the response to the meal environment on several digestive enzymes such as sucrase, lactase or trehalase in the microvillus membrane of small intestine, in particular.
We also participate in the food and nutrient labeling system of health claims on scientific evidence in Japan such as the foods with nutrient function claims and foods for specified health uses (FOSHU).

Recent Publications

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