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Keiko Semba, M.Ed.
Home Economics Education
Outline of Research Activities

Research area

Development of teaching materials and methods for home economics education for junior high school and high school students In my research, the subject of home economics is considered from a range of perspectives, such as textbooks, teaching materials, teachers and students, elements which constitute lessons, home life, society, and the environment. We also consider the most effective methods of teaching home economics in schools.
In particular, the development of teaching materials relating to actual student home life and living conditions and their practical use is investigated
These research fields will be extended to junior high schools and high schools in cooperation with teachers to verify the value of the teaching materials by considering not only teaching material development but also future home economics education. The key concepts for new home economics education are health, economy, and family.

Recent Publications

Research achievement

Kozawa, K. Katsuta, E., Semba, K.., et.al. (2008) The Guideline of housing education (in Japanese), Publishied by Housing Research and Advancement Foundation Japan, Cooperation Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Megumi, K., Semba, K., (2008) Development of teaching materials in clothes to express individuality-wearing to miniature bodies of plastic bottles- (Japan Association of Home Economics Education), Shizuoka, June 28 –-29. (in Japanese)

Ito, Y., Ootake, M., Semba,K., et.al. (2007) Home Economics Education which makes life vol.1 pp.46-59 The Japan Association of Home Economics Education. Kenpaku-sha, Tokyo (in Japanese)

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