Kagawa Nutrition University
Ken Kawamura, Ph.D.
Environmental Health
Outline of Research Activities

Various factors related to carcinogenesis have been studied in this laboratory. Many substances existing in the environment take an important role in carcinogenesis. The hazard of smoking, diesel exhaust gas, asbestos and foods were identified and assessed. It is most important in the prevention of cancer to investigate the action of risk factors and inhibitory factors which hosts can control. Eating habits which are deeply related to carcinogenesis are good examples of such factors. The relationship between changes in eating habits and cancer is investigated.

Recent Publications

Yamakita M., Uchida H., Kawamura K., Honma T., Odagiri Y. Effects of age, period, and cohort on the trends in obesity rate and energy intake ratio from fat in Japanese adults. Japanese journal of public health 61(8), 371-384, 2014

Kawamura K., Furukawa T., Gomyo T. Effects of miso intake on glycemic index of cooked polished rice. Intervention tests on larger numbers of subjects. Food Sci. Technol. Res. 16(3), 247-252, (2010)

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