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Keiko Honda, R.D., Ph.D.
Medicine Nutrition
Outline of Research Activities

This study aims to clarify the standard of dietetic and nutrient treatment by quantitative nutrient components analysis and clarify the configuration ratio in disabled patients and patients with lifestyle diseases.
In addition, idiomatic terms related to dietetic and nutrient treatment are investigated to develop a nutrient education manual for diseases which require nutrient education and to create an outcome scale for practical dietetic treatment.

Recent Publications

Martha M.Funnell, Hiroko Morikawa, Keiko Honda, et all: International cooperative project for the creation of National Standards For Diabetes Self-Management Education and utilization thereof. Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Japan-U.S. Cooperative Science Program.1-89 (2010)

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Keiko Honda, Masahiro Kohzuki, Toshio Murase, Tokutaro Sato : Follow-up study of Type2 diabetic Outpatients after Educational Hospitalization. J. Japan Diab. Soc. 47, 355-361 (2004)

General remarks

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