Kagawa Nutrition University
Fumiko Konishi, Ph. D.
Cookery Science
Outline of Research Activities

The main research theme is as follow;

  1. on antioxidative activity of beans.
  2. on development of fermented soybean paste with high antioxidative activity.
  3. on effects of some kinds of yeast on qualities of bread.

Recent Publications

F. Konishi et al., Antioxidative Activity of Roasted Adzuki Bean Flour and its Application as Teaching Material to Home Economics Classes of Elementary Schools. Journal of Home Economics of Japan, vol.63, 301-307 (2012) Japanese

F. Konishi et al., Physical condition and fitness, living habits, dietary habits, subjective health in association with life satisfaction among elderly people. Journal of Japanese Health Promotion Education, vol17, 14-23 (2009) Japanese

F. Konishi et al., Effect of body composition, exercise habits, dietary habits, sleeping habits on bone mass in youth. Journal of Home Economics of Japan, vol.58, 247-254 (2012) Japanese

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