Kagawa Nutrition University
Atsuko Isoda, M.S.
International Development & Cooperation
Outline of Research Activities

Research Themes:

Professor Isoda has worked on various international development and cooperation projects, particularly in the fields of community-based rural development and indigenous knowledge and natural resource management, including food management, in Asian & African countries. Based on her expertise, the Office of International Development & Cooperation has organized various capacity development activities. Research is focused on the roles and approaches of non-governmental organizations in community development activities and the methodologies of participatory development. Development of a project evaluation method is also included in this research area.

Recent Publications


Isoda, Atsuko: “Theoretical Discussion on the Participatory Development - Challenges and Potentials in NGO Projects” (Japanese), Development Education, Vol. 54, P.52-65, Akashi Shoten (2007)

Isoda, Atsuko; “Development activities by Japanese NGOs - What are their visions and missions?” (Japanese), Development Education, Vol. 52, P. 68-72, Akashi Shoten (2007)


Isoda, Atsuko et al (eds.): “Evaluation of Community Development Projects - for Field Workers in International Cooperation” (Japanese), The International Development Journal Co., (2003)


Isoda, Atsuko et al.: “Evaluation Method for Community Participation - Phase II” (Japanese), Thematic Evaluation Report, Japan International Cooperation Agency, (2008)

Isoda, Atsuko et Al: “Evaluation Method for Community Participation - Phase I” (Japanese) Thematic Evaluation Report, Japan International Cooperation Agency, (2006)

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