Kagawa Nutrition University
Keiko Semba, M.Ed., Professor
Laboratory of Home Economics Education


Research achievement

Kozawa, K. Katsuta,E., Semba, K.., et.al.(2008) The Guideline of housing education (in Japanese), Publishied by Housing Research and Advancement Foundation Japan, Cooperation Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Megumi, K., Semba, K., (2008) Development of teaching materials in clothes to express individuality-wearing to miniature bodies of plastic bottles-(Japan Association of Home Economics Education), Shizuoka, June 28-29. (in Japanese)

Ito, Y., Ootake, M., Semba, K., et.al. (2007) Home Economics Education which makes life vol.1 pp.46-59 The Japan Association of Home Economics Education . Kenpaku-sha, Tokyo (in Japanese)

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